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ReLIKE Education pack

Using our Assembly, lesson plans and other resources the pupils will understand more about their clothes, where they come from, their clothing carbon footprint and be able to pass on their knowledge to the wider school community.

We would love to see a gradual change coming from young people about the way they see and consume clothing and fashion... hopefully appreciating how far their garments have travelled, valuing them for longer, and reusing them mindfully. Our pack is designed to help pupils, teachers, parents and PTA groups become the catalysts for change in their communities.


How to save money on children clothes

Every one of you who are reading this had, for sure, one or two experiences in their life with hand me down stuff. It is merely how the world works, and it is also a good thing because it is natural recycling without even knowing it or needing to use any energy. However, nowadays you won't see too many people respecting this old tradition that all parents think of so highly. Escorts London will tell you where you can still enjoy some good old hand me downs, or provide other people with your old stuff. But what in case you have a child, and there is no one in your family who can help you out with clothes, toys, and other stuff. You might feel lost, but don't worry, there is a way for you to save some money and the escort might give you one or two ideas.


Start buying smartly

There are only a few things in life that are as exciting as shopping, but you need to save some money, and your child is never going to be able to appreciate all the nice clothes that you have bought. They will outgrow them before you can even get your next salary and it is going to frustrate you more than anything, so listen to what the escorts have to tell you. Those are not only amazing and beautiful ladies that can show you the joy of life, but also people who can think of a solution for every problem. The first advice an escort from the Escort Directory will give you is to buy children clothes in sets. That way you will get a discount, and you will be able to cover the clothes issue for a few upcoming months. Make sure to become friends with people in your group who have children, because hand me downs are still a thing, and all you need is to ask for help.


What else can you do to save money

Recycling the clothes means selling them and putting the earned money into new ones and it works for everyone. You can even go on websites like Depop and search for child clothing and find something stylish for your baby. Escorts will advise you first to check whether the seller is a reliable one because sometimes they steal clothes from donation containers and sell them online. This is, of course, a horrible thing, and you shouldn't be a part of it, even if you are desperate to save some money on clothing. Another thing you can do, and every escort will tell you this, is to learn how to tailor.

There is no better way to save money on children clothing than to make them yourself. All you will need is some fabric, which is not expensive at all, and quite a lot of skill. Now you can make children clothes in sets and escorts will even tell you that you should sell them online and also start earning some money that way. Who knows, maybe you will be the future big hit child clothing designer and build an empire, or you will simply use the few saved bucks to buy an additional bucket of ice cream.

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