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About ReLIKE

It all started with a pair of pink shoes. They were our daughter's first "proper" shoes, infant size 3½, only available in pink, nearly £40 and she outgrew them in 4 weeks... it made me cross.

Living on one income and in a fairly rural place, we know well how much it costs to give our children the clothes, shoes, books and toys they need at different ages. But we had no idea just how much the "stuff" would take over... The piles of outgrown clothes (shed monthly by our new baby and sprouting toddler) were colonising various corners of our home and the task of managing the "stuff" soon became daunting.


And then there's the on-going cost of replacing coats, shoes, sportswear, uniform, party clothes, everyday clothes etc... Occasionally a friend with bigger children would pass on a bundle of second hand clothes and we'd fall on it gratefully. But we had no-one to pay the favour forward to.

And so ReLIKE was conceived.

ReLIKE is always going to be free to join, easy, smart and sociable. You'll always get something back for the money you have already spent on your children's clothes and be thanked too. We have made it super-simple and quick to list and pass on bundles of your gorgeous, great quality second-hand children's clothes to other parents. And if it is your family going on holiday, taking up a hobby or needing play clothes, then ReLIKE is YOUR place to go to get great quality, generous bundles of second-hand clothes for your children to wear, dress up and have fun in.


To top it off, it's deliberately undemanding. Just list or buy bundles of second hand clothes on your computer and the rest will happen by magic (well, by courier) and will require nothing more from you.

There are some other great features on ReLIKE that we, and others, have put a lot of thought into, but we'll let you discover the world of ReLIKE for yourself.

Get started by signing up (to receive your ReLIKE mailing bags) and if you haven't already, watch our animation,"How To" guides and pop along and say hello on our Facebook page - when you're done looking, or once you've had a go at listing or buying, please tell us how it was for you.

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Meagan "It's a fantastic site. Very user-friendly and a wonderful concept that is planet-friendly!"

Charity Points

For every bundle you buy, we give to charity... Result!

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