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ReLIKE teams up with Collect Plus

We strive to make busy parents' lives as affordable, easy and wasteless as possible and for a while have been seeking a new courier partner. We've found it and are going to pass all the benefits on to you!

Collect Plus is a relatively new and rapidly expanding service that leading retailers like John Lewis, Boden, Superdry and House of Fraser use for handling their returns. Nationwide there are more than 5,500 Collect Plus shops (usually newsagents, garages and corner shops that are open late, 7 days a week) where customers can drop off their bundles once they have been bought. As a bonus, Collect Plus also cover Northern Ireland (unlike our old courier), which is great for our friends and family over there.


We also couldn't offer more credits because of the high cost of paying for both collection and delivery. So we have pursued a relationship with Collect Plus for a while and finally we are delighted to be able to work with them and pass on the convenience and savings the bring to you (in the form of promotions, prizes and bonus credits). Watch this space!

Our ReLIKE soft toy donation

It all began with a sudden bedroom blitz. And now with the help of our Facebook family and friends, we have formed a plan to collect and send our children's surplus soft toys to babies and toddlers in South Africa who have very very little to call their own. Please join in and cull your kids cuddlies so they can be re-homed and cherished again. Our children love their cuddly toys and sleep with a variety each night, but when I counted more than 40 in, under (quite dusty!) and around the bed, it occurred to me that maybe things had got a little out of hand. That same weekend my husband ceremoniously ejected the hanging soft toy storage thingy (you know the one) out of the room having banged his head on it too many times. Something had to be done, there were toys all over the place and I needed a plan.


In a few minutes on Sunday we blitzed the lot and ended up keeping half (still loads) and bagging up the rest. The kids still haven't noticed half their cuddlies have gone AWOL and I've been wondering about the best, most helpful way to recycle them. I posted on Facebook and got such a variety of ideas back it confirmed to me that there is always inpsiration to be found in the crowd... and that collaboration is a much more powerful force than going it alone. Our plan is now to give some of the smaller ones to our local playgroup who are doing Operation Shoebox and the rest to vulnerable babies and children in creches/safe havens in South Africa via the infant trust (the UK based children's charity that ReLIKE donates to when a bundle sells). The infant trust is the only UK charity working to keep pre-school children in South Africa safe from harm. The dangers they face every day of sexual abuse, adandonment and death are unbelievably high and frankly terrifying for any parent to see. So if we can give the children a soft toy to play with and call their own, I think it is something we should do.

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Charity Points

For every bundle you buy, we give to charity... Result!

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